Loki.ai for Ecommerce and Retail

Reduce customer churn with automated, in-app interventions. Drive growth and engagement with better personalization and analytics

Reduce churn with automated interventions

Pre-emptive delivery warnings for bad weather and traffic conditions

Radically reduce customer churn and increase your NPS by giving food-delivery and other short-term delivery customers pre-emptive warnings for bad traffic and weather conditions

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Increase engagement with better segmentation

More relevant notifications for customers with better demographic segmentation

Use our APIs to segment your customers into meaningful affluence, gender, age-group, religion, and ethnicity classes. Then, target segments with more contextually relevant promotions and notifications.

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Home-page and related-items personalization

Personalize a user's home-page based on demographics, context, and browsing history

Use our personalization-engine to create a radically more engaging and individualized experience for users

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