Sustainable, independent programmers based in Singapore was started in September 2017 with its founder's savings, and has continued to be a profitable and self-funded business since. We prefer laying strong foundations over pursuing growth at all costs, and are a sustainable company that is here to stay.

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Our Values

We strive to create more value than we extract, never indulge in rent-seeking behaviour, and focus first on creating value for our customers and then on extracting some of that value for ourself.

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In the News

Quartz - AI shows these Indian names may be linked to affluence and success

Our founder wrote a guest-post for Quartz exploring the analytical potential of Indian names.


Times of India - Flooded with fake news? It’s time to worry about deepfakes

We analysed the impact of deepfakes on politics and fake news for The Times of India.


Global Editors Network - Rebuilding loyalty with

The Global Editors Network featured our efforts to use hyperlocal content and advertising to foster loyalty among local consumers.


ET Now - Automated Dashboards for Election Analysis

We partnered with TV Channel ET Now to use automated dashboards for live election analysis.